Non-Profit dedicated
to providing equal


Metis Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on building a hub for the Web3 community & giving equal opportunity to everyone to receive education, create a startup or an econode & get it funded:

Mentorship, product testing, investors pitch preparation of the startups who won Metis sponsored or hosted hackathons.

Marketing support of all econodes.

Education of the overall blockchain global community.

Help new entrepreneurs succeed.

The Metis Foundations’ primary role will be to support the collaborative workspace for the Metis Community Builders, Commons and EcoNodes, advising on resource allocation, team building, governance, marketing activities, events and community development and continuing to host our flagship MetisFest for the community. The EcoNodes, on the other hand, will operate as independent entities and will need to sustain themselves independently.

The Metis Foundation will be supported by a team of dedicated Decentralization Coordinators (DCs).  The first team of six DCs was appointed by current EcoNode members to jumpstart the work on the Commons and EcoNodes collaboration and governance model.

A photo of Elena Sinelnikova.
Elena Sinelnikova
DC of  People and Education
A photo of Yuan Su.
Yuan Su
DC of Innovation
A photo of Natalia Ameline.
Natalia Ameline
DC of Planning
A photo of Iryna Chekhova.
Iryna Chekhova
DC of Marketing
A photo of Kevin Liu.
Kevin Liu
DC of Strategy
A photo of Andrei Sinelnikov.
Andrei Sinelnikov
DC of Process

Future DCs will be nominated and voted in by all the EcoNodes, thus maintaining the decentralized nature of the Metis Foundation. These DCs are dedicated coordinators, ensuring smooth operations and coordination within the Foundation while supporting the vibrant Metis ecosystem.