Econodes are separete business entities that contribute to the overall Metis ecosystem and serve as the building blocks of its future growth.


Metis L2 is an Ethereum scaling tech infrastructure designed for the growing web3 economy.

An EVM equivalence network that is fast, low cost and highly secure with the inherence of Ethereum decentralized security.

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Nuvo is a privacy-first decentralized credentialing and identity framework, with an extensible reputation-powered ecosystem.

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Koris is a programmatic influencer marketing platform, think Twitter Ads, but using influencers that are dynamically paid when they complete and post content.

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P1X is founded by the early investors of Metis, which will be in charge of the Metis Asian community, marketing, incubation, and investment.

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ZKM is an open-source zkVM using MIPS architecture to help Ethereum become the global settlement layer. Layer 2 Optimistic Rollups can use ZKM to become Hybrid Rollups with near-instant withdrawals, while Layer 1 networks can use ZKM to enable secure connection to the Ethereum ecosystem.

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